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The events of the past two years have exposed fragile supply chains as prices of raw materials soar and shortages that hammered global trade last year are projected to continue into 2022.

Ensuring the agility and resilience of your business and supply chain starts with identifying the risks.

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Supply chain risk trends, past and future

External factors influencing global risk

Commodity shortages and price trends

Critical item shortages set to “wreak havoc” on supply chains for years to come


The resilience of global supply chains had already fallen significantly for the 12 months prior to the conflict in Ukraine, raising fresh concerns over prolonged material shortages and price rises. Our global supply chain risk report indicates high risk of prolonged key raw material shortages and price rises - in some cases up to 800%. 

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  • Stay up-to-date with key risks that will impact global supply chains
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  • Inform your resilience planning with our time-measured risk and resilience index reports

The Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index (ASCRI) has, throughout the whole of 2021, flagged commodity prices and energy supply as bellwethers for global supply chains.  Pummelled by so many challenges over the last two years, supply chains have not had time to recover, and we now face a critical tipping point that could have both supply and cost ramifications rippling through industrial and consumer markets for years to come.  Now is the time to practice the lessons of the pandemic, and as we emerge into a new world order, use data to inform purchasing decisions.  Our data shows that to weather this crisis, organisations need visibility across their supply chains to identify vulnerabilities and alternative sources of supply."

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Katie Tamblin
Chief Product Officer | Achilles

The Achilles Supply Chain Resilience Index (ASCRI) is a time series index measuring changes in supply chain risk. The index measures underlying supply chain risk by country across six categories: Economic, Environmental, Labour Practices, Legal and Governance, Resilience, and Safety and Security. Each country’s score is derived by combining the Achilles’ Scores of suppliers based in the country with that country’s overall performance in those six categories. This framework is then supplemented by a range of global measures, including shipping and sentiment data.

  • Economic
  • Environmental
  • Labour Practices
  • Legal and Governance
  • Resilience
  • Safety and Security

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