Achilles Utilities NCE Supplier Registration

Familiarise yourself with the product and service code that are available in Achilles Utilities NCE and make a careful assessment of which codes are suitable for your company. This is important in order to communicate your core business are cleary to the buyers. 

In order to achieve qualification in the Achilles Utilities NCE Qualification System, the supplier must profile/describe their product and services, together with a fulfilment of several formal requirements. (See product & code list here )

Annual qualification fee based on the selected number of codes. The fee covers one year’s qualification and is non refundable.  

Upon receipt of your order form and payment, Achilles Utilities NCE will provide you with the login details for your Utilities NCE online registration. The registration involves filling in an online questionnaire and uploading the required documentation


* 1-3 codes. Only suppliers with annual turnover <10,000,000 NOK/€1.1M.  Fees excl. VAT (VAT is applicable for companies registered in UK).