limited Introductory offer

Limited special offer 

We're offering a great introductory offer for Suppliers for the first 2 years. For £295 you can become CAS assessed and recognised by all Buyers in the industry.

One standard across the UK

A simple pre-qualification assessment designed to standardise the questions, process and protocols in the UK construction industry.

Greater efficiency

Buyers will be able to accept and recognise a CAS certificate from any of the approved assessors. Order your assessment with us to get ahead of the curve and save up to 70%.
The new industry wide pre-qualification standard will be adopted across the UK. Learn more about how the new Common Assessment Standard will work.
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We've been working with Build UK, the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) and a number of contractors in the industry to develop one simple and unified set of pre-qualification questions. 

As a recognised assessment body we've included the new CAS in to our BuildingConfidence community questionnaire. For Buyers this means you can recognise CAS certification from any approved assessors and for Suppliers you benefit from completing just one audit and pre-qual per year for the entire industry. 

One simple supplier pre-qualification process, fit for all and recognised industry-wide. Learn more about our BuildingConfidence community.


As one of the recognised assessment bodies, we will continue to work towards our key goals of developing and embedding best practice in the construction industry. Allowing companies to be certified just once, by one of the recognised assessment bodies, is a welcome development.
Lee Brunsden, Construction Sector Lead at Achilles