Don't let worker exploitation

go unseen in your company

With legislators demanding accountability to eliminate modern slavery, forced labour and human trafficking from supply chains, organisations need to take steps to understand the risks, demonstrate compliance and commit to taking necessary action.

Driving transparency of working practices within your business and supply chain

, we can help to identify, analyse and improve your business' social and regulatory compliance. We guide you through the whole cycle offering insights to track and measure improvement, helping you take the action where necessary and mitigate the risk of unethical business practices. Get in touch to learn more about our Ethical Business Programme.











Assess how your standards are followed by suppliers and contractors and ensure the fair treatment of workers.


Understand the trends and workforce profile of your supply chain and demonstrate actions based on independently verified evidence.


Mitigate risks that could lead to labour malpractice and safety issues in your business and supply chain.

"Some audits are simply about ticking boxes – as such, they are completely useless. The Achilles Ethical Business Programme proves to be the opposite of that. We are constantly uncovering new findings and learning more, and as long as the audits are providing us with increased knowledge and enabling us to fix issues we find, we will continue to carry them out."

AliceHands photo (002)
Alice Hands
Head of Ethical and Sustainable Procurement | Sir Robert McAlpine

Achilles Ethical Business Programme

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